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Upton’s Naturals is an independently owned natural foods company with a focus on meat alternatives and vegan values. Dedicated to simplicity and the use of real, recognizable ingredients, Upton’s Naturals takes recipes that have been around for thousands of years and updates them for today.


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Upton's Naturals Thai Curry Jackfruit

Featured Product

This complex yellow curry is a tribute to Thailand, the place where all of our Jackfruit is grown.

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Want to know more about how Upton's came to be? Read our story and meet our awesome team.

What You Say

  • Vegan Ryan Gosling
    - January 21, 2016

    Idk about you guys, but I always keep a package of @UptonsNaturals in my grandparent’s freezer cause, I mean you never know!

  • Sarah Preston
    - June 22, 2015

    Awesome seitan, awesome company and super awesome people! A total vegan win!

  • Ashley Villandry
    - March 4, 2016

    I’m obsessed! Every flavor of jackfruit = perfection!

  • Ethan Ciment
    - March 30, 2016

    Vegan food bucket list item 1 @UptonsBreakroom for lunch. I knew it would be awesome, but I didn’t expect it to be this off the hook!

  • Robert Goyen
    - March 6, 2016

    Best thing I have had since being vegan is @UptonsNaturals seitan

  • Shelly Christine
    - April 2, 2015

    I literally eat your bacon EVERYDAY. Delicious bankruptcy