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The road all the way from there to here

Upton’s Naturals is an independently owned natural foods company with a focus on meat alternatives and vegan values since opening in 2006. Dedicated to simplicity and the use of real, recognizable ingredients, the Upton’s team takes foods that have been around for thousands of years and offers them to consumers worldwide. The company’s founder, Daniel Staackmann, pioneered flavored, wheat-based seitan and has now launched the first-to-market seasoned and ready-to-eat jackfruit in the United States.


"Jackfruit is just the latest breakthrough product from Upton’s Naturals. Based in Chicago, Upton’s Naturals is an independently-owned natural foods company that focuses on meat alternatives and…

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“We use young, green, unripe jackfruit,” says Upton’s co-founder and vice president Nicole Sopko, “that hasn’t developed sweetness or seeds. People say its cooked texture is like that of shredded…

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"Now, we love our pulled pork (and all types of BBQ), so we were a bit skeptical.  So, we decided to take Upton's Naturals BBQ flavor to the streets of New York City--and were kind of shocked by…

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Are you in Chicago? Come visit us anytime at our factory cafe, Upton's Breakroom, where we serve delicious vegan meals to our community daily!

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