Bar-B-Que Jackfruit Baked Potatoes

Bar-B-Que Jackfruit Baked Potatoes
2 potatoes
prep time
65 minutes
cook time
60 minutes
Ingredient List
  • 2 large baked potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon vegan butter
  • 1/2 10.6-ounce package Upton’s Naturals Bar-B-Que Jackfruit
  • 1/4-1/3 cup vegan cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons vegan ranch or sour cream
  • 2-3 slices fresh or pickled red onion
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or parsley
  • 4-5 strips Upton’s Naturals Bacon Seitan, pan fried and chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
Cook the jackfruit as directed on the package until the sauce has caramelized. Slice open each baked potato and spoon half of the vegan butter inside of each. Add the cheese and place each potato in the microwave to melt the cheese, if desired.

Top with vegan ranch or sour cream, red onion, fresh herbs, prepared Bacon Seitan, salt, and pepper.

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